I’m having big Anubis feels right now. You know the ones? Where you want to stand on a rooftop and crow to the world the glory of your God? Any time I think too deeply about him, my heart fills with adoration and joy. Perhaps I know now why the wolves howl.

Breath and Blood

This is stunning and food for serious thought.

Amidst Fires

Greetings intrepid readers! Apologies for the very long hiatus; my husband and i recently moved from the US to the UK, and it’s taken me a little while to get settled in. I’m woefully behind on everyone’s blogs, but i promise to start catching up quickly. I wanted to come back to my Internet kindred with a gift in hand, so i thought i’d share a meditation I’ve been toying with lately.

A few years ago, i came across a meditation taught by a Hindu from the bhakti tradition (i.e., the branch of Hinduism that focuses on cultivating a devotional relationship with one’s ishta-devata). I’ve since expanded and adapted this meditation to suit my own practice. Give it a try, and see if it’s something that resonates with you.

Consider for a moment the creation of Ask and Embla from Völuspá:

Önd þau né átto,
óð þau né höfðo,
lá né…

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My Beloved

You loved me with a vulnerability

That no one has ever blessed me with.

You trusted me, and I cannot help but feel

I may have let You down.

I never stopped loving You

But held Your love as distant and fickle,

Though Loyalty is your companion

Arm-in-arm with compassionate Understanding.

I have misjudged, erred, but not of spite;

Instead, my own self-doubt.

You are too beautiful not to adore,

Cherish, glorify in ecstasy,

While I am only human.

What blessings have I earned to have Your light

Shine so brightly down on me?

Questions like these go unanswered, unasked,

As it should justly be in right relation,

So I will endeavor to love and,

Perhaps more difficult,

Be loved in return

Within Your patient Grace.

For the Trickser

For such a strength in hand and fine refrain,
At great divine and countenance’s grace
A smile to ease all restraint’s sweetest strain
With cheer and kindness sweet adornment’s lace.
Could I begin to know just why or when
Such fascination within bloomed and grew?
The Trickster’s clever hand might shape it then,
But since once learned has come to blossom new.
Your coming near has marked such darkened time;
A soulful midnight fast descends on me
And drowns in melancholia sublime,
My eyes affixed to distant star, to thee.

And ever through this darkest, deepest trial,
Forever I move to our dawning smile.

Hymn to the Blood Brothers

This is just amazing. Hail!

Amidst Fires

Hail to Him who drank Gunnlöð’s mead,
and hail to Him who ate Gullveig’s heart.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to Frigga’s Lord,
and hail to Sigyn’s Love.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to Thor’s Father,
and hail to Thor’s Friend.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to Sleipnir’s Rider,
and hail to Sleipnir’s Mother.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to the Breath-Giver,
and hail to the Blood-Giver.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to the Wisdom-Giver,
and hail to the Wit-Giver.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to the Wolf-Feeder,
and hail to the Wolf-Father.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to the All-Father,
and hail to the Witch-Mother.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

Hail to the Spear-Shaker,
and hail to the Thread-Tangler.
To Odin and Loki, Blood Brothers, hail!

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An Outsider’s View of God-Spousery.

Reblogging this because the thoughts on god-spousery are just incredible.

Magick From Scratch

“Let us go, my Beloved, to greet the Bride
The Queen’s Whole Self shall we welcome”
— From L’kha Dodi, the Jewish Evening Sabbath service.

From: From:

The term “god-spouse” always seems to carry with it a discussion.

“Can a person really be married to a deity?”

“Are they claiming equality to that divinity, and are they really any closer to them than the rest of us?”

“If someone claims to be a god spouse, I expect them to be exceptionally devoted.”

“I can’t imagine that the gods pick and choose favorites.”

While most of the discussion that non-god-spouses seem to have about the phenomenon focuses on the idea of legitimacy, I have an entirely different question to ask. What does it mean? Why have the gods chosen to do this?

Why am I even exploring this issue? My apologies to all the various and sundry god-spouses out there. You fascinate…

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Will you deny Me? (Heh, no, no I don’t think I will . . . .)

Cast Adrift: My Unmoored Path

Will you deny Me?
In the dark hours of the early morning,
In the quiet spaces of your day,
In the busy moments snatched here and there,
When you come back into My embrace
When you rest your head where it belongs,
When you place your soul in My capable hands,
Will you deny Me?
As your heart is filled with My loving,
As your body is filled with My breath,
As your mind is caught up, and your very spirit infused with My presence.
I have loved you
Not for what you can give to Me
Not for what you can show to others
Not for the names that you call Me
I have loved you
For you are a balm to My being
You are warmth and wonder and joy
Do you think We, too, are not moved by hearts reaching out?
Do you think We have all…

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